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Why is guest retention more important than guest acquisition?
Here are four reasons why you should be rethinking your marketing plan.

Regular guests spend 25-100 times more than a single-visit guest.

Repeat visitors spend 33% more per check than new visitor.

Increasing your customer retention rates by 5% increases profit by 25-95%.

The top 10% of your customers drive 50% of your total revenue.
How it Works

Krowd creates outcomes that work for local businesses. Kroowd works with local businesses to create better marketing outcomes. We encourage feedback, referrals, and reviews to gain repeat business. We email you daily reports on these programs so you are in the know.

Indentify Your Customers

In order to know your customer you have to track the interactions they have with your brand both online and in-store. We accomplish this in several ways.

  • We know when a customer is in your store when they use a coupon.
  • When they login to your free wifi.
  • When a customer has the Kroowd app installed on their smart phone we can monitor there visits.

Customer Database

We track each interactions with your customers and make sure your customer database is always growing and up to date.

We Filter for you: Easily determine which customers are most active or least active. Send messages automatically when a customer reaches a certain status level. Reward loyal customers and invite those who haven't visited in awhile to come back with an enticing offer.

Customer ID:We identify the people calling or interacting with your business and automatically add them to your customer list.

Customer Feedback

The Holly Grail is getting feedback from customers. People like to tell you if they loved your business or if their experience could have been better. This helps your business correct issues you may be experiencing with your customers. We initiate a conversation with your customers asking for an evaluation after every visit, we then notify you when people leave feedback, and email you the results.

Collect Reviews From External Sources

Kroowd attempts to have all reviews flow through our online portal inviting guest to rate their experience with you. If the experience is positive we ask them to share their rating on one of the many popular rating sites. We then collect reviews from external sites and store them in our system for you to share on social media. We give you your overall rating from each of the popular reviews. These review are key to grabbing attention of potential customers.

Free Social Wifi

Giving your guests access to free wifi has benefits to you and your customer. Free wifi enables you to monitor visitors to your retail location. When accessing your wifi network the customer must click a button to login with their social profile. The customer has then granted you permission to send them an email. Kroowd captures your customer's email when they login with their social profile. Kroowd also allows you to promote any offering you have on the Wifi landing page. Another benefit is the option for a customer to Check-In to your business which drives referrals. Wifi can also be used in your loyalty program when ever someone logins to your wifi you can award them points.


Beacons serve two purposes within Kroowd. First, they deliver marketing messages to customers who are within range of the retail business. They send a notification to the smart phone user. This can be an offer or informational in nature. Depending on the size of your store and the type of business, there could be a need for multiple beacon touch points.

Kroowd also uses beacons to identify when your customers are at your business. When we know a customer is in your store we let you know in the Kroowd Admin app. We also send a request to review their experience while at your location. We time this request so that it arrives once the customer leaves your business.

Coupons & Daily Deals

Coupons & Daily Deals drive traffic, fill seats, attract new guests, and retain existing customers. People who use coupons tend to spend more money during in-store visits. Some customers spend up to 50% more when using a coupon than they normally would. Daily Deals are typically used for customer acquisition. We allow you to exclude customers who have visited your store recently, live in a certain zip code, or purchase daily deals too often. The best part of our coupon strategy is that you know who uses your coupons so you can limit the use of coupons in the future.


Friend-to-friend referrals have always been a large part any business. In the past companies had no control over this. Kroowd offers a direct and an in-direct referral system. Every time someone checks in on social media while visiting your place, their friends see where they are. Your name is in front of a whole new group of potential customers. The other way we help you obtain referrals is by offering points for those who generate referrals. Your customers can send a request to friends to try your retail location. If a friend accepts, they download a coupon to use at your business. When the friend uses the coupon your customer is rewarded with points.

Loyalty Points & Rewards

In the new age of marketing your loyal customers can be your brand ambassadors. Those customer who like, share, check in and come into your business because they love you can help you recruit more new customers. Points should not only be for visiting your retail location they should be for all activities a customers does for your business. Rewards are for customers that help promote your business as well. The more they do the more they get rewarded.

Presence Building

Seems every time you turn around there is another important online marketing resource your business should be using. Your digital footprint is just as important as your local presence in your community. Kroowd makes sure you stand out on every device customers use to access your online content. We make sure your content is placed wherever your customers are accessing to find out information about your business. We make sure your reputation remains stellar on online reviews sites.

Call & Text Tracking

You spend your hard earned money on traditional marketing to try to entice new customers to your business. But does it work? Kroowd's call tracking can tell which ads are working for your business and what you should stop paying for because it is not working. As you gain more customers it is important to keep those customers in the loop. We will give you multiple ways to keep in touch with your customers which includes email, SMS and App messages all automatically.

Customer Email Tracking

Kroowd captures your new and existing customers emails and phone numbers. Over time we continue to add data we learn about your customers. This helps you build robust customer profiles which you can then automatically market to. You can even reward regular customers with something free, making them feel like you appreciate their patronage.

Analytics & Insights

In order to know your customer you have to track the interactions they have with your brand both online and in-store. We accomplish this in several ways and collect data at many points in the customer journey. We then translate that data into actionable results that affect your bottom line.

Mobile App

The Kroowd mobile app is your gateway to the smart phone. When customers are within range of your location Kroowd will send them a notification about offers you currently have going on. Kroowd lists retailers based on their location so they can see what is happening at all locations. Kroowd's mobile app allows you to promote Live Deals to bring in customers on slow nights. Tell them about Happy hours, or special promotions you have going on. We display your menu, daily specials, entertainment, and more. All of this along with points and rewards your customers can earn and use at your business.